Gameweek 35 preview

April 20, 2012

Back to a full fixture list this week. And if ever there was a week NOT to make any transfers – this was it. Gameweek 36, with its four extra fixtures, and eight teams playing twice, is up next. If you’ve two free transfers, save them up. If you’ve only one free transfer, save that up, and collect the extra one. Yes, there’s an extra game this week. But Aston Villa v Bolton is probably not going to boost your points total too much.   Who could you possibly bring in? Only Gabby Agbonlahor, of the two teams, as hit the 100 point mark. None of Bolton’s defenders have even passed the 50 point mark. No Bolton players value has increased over the season. The majority have seen their values fall. For Villa, only Agbonlahor again, as seen any increase. It could of course turn out to be a 6-6 all thriller. It will, no doubt, be nothing of the sort.

So – the team you’ve got should be the team you stick with. This shouldn’t cause too may problems. Man United are at home against Everton. It’s a fixture they normally succeed in winning. It’s a tougher game than City’s, who play Wolves. For those who’ve clung on to Aguero and Silva, and dared to bring Tevez back, this could be another bumper week. Any City defenders should be good for a clean sheet. Spurs go to QPR. Based on league position, this should be an easy victory for Tottenham, but QPR have been good at home recently, beating Arsenal and Liverpoo. It’s not a foregone conclusion, but Spurs need the points as much as their opponents, and I fancy them to start winning again. And Newcastle, fresh from a week off, will test their scoring machine against Stoke. I’m not necessarily saying it’ll be a Newcastle victory, but they’ll score at least three, and Cisse will get at least two. He always does.

The only tricky tie to predict is Arsenal against Chelsea, as matches between the old school big four traditionally are. One more win for Arsenal would probably cement 3rd place. But they did get beat by Wigan last time out. Chelsea may rest players in preparation for their defeat in the Nou Camp. Then again, they might not. Maybe leave the defences on the bench.

In our own race for fourth place, having perused the current teams, Panza Grande look very well positioned to improve further on their impressive score last week. Evans, Valencia and Rooney make up their United contingent. They have Aguero alongside Rooney, with Cisse up front, complimented by the super reliable Vorm, Kompany, Sigurdsson and Bale. No Van Persie, but bearing in mind Arsenal play Chelsea, RVP, the league’s sorest loser, may have a week off this week. There’s no Tevez amongst the contenders – yet. Who moves up and who slips back may all depend on which of those five hot strikers you have in your team, and which you decide to make captain.


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