Gameweek 29 preview

March 15, 2012

This gameweek is spread over 5 days, from the Saturday through to the Wednesday. It’s FA Cup weekend, so the Premier teams involved in the quarter finals are playing their scheduled Premier League matches during the midweek.

It’s also the quarter finals of the Buckets Cup. Real Jorvik and Shadwell Town are the two lowest placed Buckets Teams left in the draw. These teams could be the hardest to beat, being that they’re out of the league, and probably (not even aware that they should be) concentrating on the cup.

As I write, both Manchester teams are being dumped out of the Channel 5 shield, so it’s anyone’s guess what state of mind this leaves them in for their forthcoming fixtures. Man City have a longer break than United, but have the harder task. They face Chelsea on Wednesday, who will either be buzzing or knackered following their Champions League exploits. United, although playing on the Sunday, have an away trip to Wolves, who are slowly plummeting towards the Championship. This weekend, United should concede less and score more than their rivals.

Liverpool should see off QPR, and are another good banker bet for a clean sheet and lots of goals. I know it’s hard to bring yourself to pick Luis Suarez, but he got me 24 points last week. I’ll put money on him getting at least an assist against the QPR defence on Wednesday night.


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