Gameweek 27 preview

March 1, 2012

A lot of money could be won in March. Aswell as the regular Manager of the Month prize, the Buckets Cup will run across the five gameweeks. We might be able to gage who’s going to walk away with the big prizes too. In with a realistic chance of at least a fourth place finish, I’d say, are any one of the top 14 teams.  By the end of the month, I’d expect, maybe, as many as half of these to have dropped out of contention. We may even have a straight four way race for the prize, thus giving us our four Buckets Champions League qualifiers.

On to the cup. We have an eleven match preliminary round in gameweek 27. Five teams receive a bye through to the next round. They are the three current top teams, Neil Madrid, None of the Above and Crazylegs XI – aswell as Pretty Schitty City and Shadwell Town, who didn’t score in the first gameweek due to the site crashing on the eve of the first gameweek. So the eleven winners plus the five teams with a bye gives us a round of sixteen in gameweek 28. Quarter finals are in gameweek 29. Semi finals are in gameweek 30. The final in gameweek 31. It’s a pre-determined draw. Click on the link to the Buckets Cup page. Hopefully it’ll all make sense.

As for the games this week, there are three stand out big games that could go any way. Liverpool v Arsenal, Spurs v United and Newcastle v Sunderland could potentially all end up goalless, goalfull (goalfull?), home win, away win or drawn. City play the one stand out banker home win. Again three city players, and making one of them captain would guarantee a good haul of points. They play Bolton. For an outside bet, and a chance of scoring points where other teams might not, I’d fancy Blackburn to beat Villa and Everton to get an away clean sheet and victory at QPR.


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