Gameweek 26 preview

February 24, 2012

This gameweek determines who wins the Manager of the Month for February. We’ve had what seems like a lifetime’s break since the last round of matches. Time to pick it back up this week folks. Realistically, all those within 20 points of the current month leader have a chance – that’s 11 teams. Current leader is (Your Ad Here) on 137 points. Favourite could be Crazylegs after picking up 81 points in the last gameweek, or Magnificent 15, who got 74 points in the last gameweek. Both of these teams scored way, way more than anyone else. If they were to win, they’d be relying on another hot week from Adebayor, and a not so hot week from Van Persie. Spurs play Arsenal. It could all hinge on that derby. Magnificent 15 would also be pick up their second Manager of the Month prize, and become the first team to do that this season. And that means MONEY BACK.

First thing to consider this week is that Liverpool are in the Carling Cup final, and so their game with Everton has been postponed.

Man City and Newcastle could be the home bankers of the weekend. Both benefit from having players back from Africa. Man City are at home, and have won all of their home games. It’d be a major surprise if Blackburn were to dent that record. They have a clean bill of health. I’d even stretch to getting three City players in your team for guaranteed mega-points. Newcastle are at full strength, hurting from a 5-0 drubbing, have had a week off, and are up against managerless Wolves. No brainer. Demba might get another hat trick.



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