Gameweek 14 preview

November 30, 2011

We start December – the maddest month on the fantasy league calendar, with everything to play for. Magnificent Fifteen, Pescara Rangers and Overpaid Pillocks have proved in recent weeks that with the right combination of players, the right choice of captain and the right run of fixtures, a team can climb the league from mid table to top 10, and be in with a chance of monthly prizes. The end of month table could see many more teams bunching up with the top teams as players are injured, dropped, rested and suspended – and no-one really has a clue who to pick. It’s vital to have a playing bench through December, particularly with the fixture pile up around Christmas and New Year. I doubt any Buckets manager will get to the end of the month, without having to rely on their substitutes.

To guarantee yourself some points this weekend, consider the following. Manchester United will be looking to keep their recent good defensive record going. Villa haven’t scored in two games, and don’t have a good record, home or away, against United. Clean sheet is a big poddibility, but I wouldn’t necessarily bet on a goal glut. Man Utd attackers are slowly dripping out of Buckets squads at the moment. The blistering start made by Young, Nani and Rooney has faded to nothing in recent weeks. Javier Hernandez looks like their most potent threat with four in his last six league games. He’s starting games now, rather than coming on half way through.

Stoke are on Europa duty. It’s looking like a slog, but Everton are very, very, very, very gradually starting to play like the team that are going to finish 8th in the league. Another clean sheet possibility. Stoke just look completely incapable after a European week. It might be in their interests to get themselves knocked out.

Steve Bruce has just been sacked by Sunderland. Mick McCarthy, no doubt hoping that he now becomes known as the second worst manager the Mackem’s ever had, might fancy his chances. As might Robin Van Persie against the Wigan defence. And the multi-pronged all out attack of Spurs against Bolton. Plenty of captain options coming out of North London this weekend.


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