Transfer blunders #3

November 28, 2011

Poor Wobin. Fancied a week off did you. Bastard. There was a Manager of the month prize riding on you turning up. Two measly points for getting out of bed. Not good enough. Straight out next week. Rooney, obviously, picked up some extras – although only for an assist. To accommodate the expensive, greying, tulip-picking, bike-riding, clog-wearing fool I opted to omit Vincent Kompany – convinced that Man City were always likely to concede against Liverpool – as they did. I didn’t account for the goal he scored, and the three (?) undeserved bonus points he managed to pick up. There were at least 20 better players on the field during the Liverpool v City game. And who came in place of Kompany……? The only rhyming player in the Premier League, Angel Rangel. Nice name. Shit match. Limped off on 26 minutes. Had I stuck with the original line-up. I’d have picked up 16 extra points. Would I have won Manager of the Month?



One Response to “Transfer blunders #3”

  1. Anonymous said

    It is because I put him in ….I either injure people, get them sent off or stop then doing anything….

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