Gameweek 13 results

November 28, 2011

1 Release The Hounds 4 Paul Mitchell 38 694
2 Panza Grande XI Stuart Baker 45 691
3 Neil Madrid Neil Strong 37 681
4 none of the above Jonny Mabbutt 37 670
5 Romeo’s-honda-van Rob Hewer 46 670
6 Overpaid Pillocks Ian Williams 44 660
7 Crazylegs XI David Caldicott 42 653
8 Uriah Rennie 2nd XI Neil Greenwood 35 648
9 Rip Roaring Reds Sean Whyton 48 644
10 Mustard Strike FC Arron Fellows 39 636
11 TheBellsAreRinging Damon Brown 47 622
12 ErectileFullfunction Alex Ritchie 50 607
13 magnificent fifteen stephen kennerson 58 602
14 Bermie Utd Glen Davies 31 597
15 (Your Ad Here) Matthew Hopkins 37 589
16 Benson & Wedgies P Hawkins 60 588
17 KAYS FC Tom Rogerson 40 587
18 Pescara Rangers Stewart Pope 94 586
19 Shoelace Untied Caroline Strong 41 579
20 Doing the 91 Colin Goulding 45 578
21 Real Jorvik Simon Brown 40 547
22 Inter Ealing Paul Bentz 65 544
23 Pretty Schitty City Alex Michaluk 40 543
24 Running On Empty Mk3 Dave Heighington 30 518
25 DIMBETWEENERS dmitri wychrij 26 514
26 Cant think of a name mark molloy 46 475
27 SHADWELL TOWN Ed Carter 53 467

Two awards to be given out this week – the manager of the week, and the November Manager of the Month. Pescara Rangers have woken up – and how. Winning this week’s Manager of the Week award with a humongous 94 points – the 174th best weekly score anywhere in the world. Made up of 16 bonus points, six goals, three assists, four clean sheets and the three top scoring players in defence, midfield and attack. One of those weeks where you just have the right combination. Well done Pescara. After a slow start, could this be the point where the twice champions start to make their charge?

And Manager of the Month is Magnificent Fifteen. They’ve sneaked through unnoticed to pip Overpaid Pillocks and Romeo’s-Honda-van to the prize, scoring steadily each week, and completely blowing my Van Persie theories out of the water, by not having him in the team, and scoring a useful 10 points from his captain – Wayne bloody Rooney. The Magnificent Fifteen are six whole pounds richer.

Most teams scored round the average this week, possibly all suffering from the lack of Van Persie point scoring. Not only that, but City didn’t have a great week – only scoring one goal. So no big scores for Aguero, Silva, Dzeko etc. And Balotelli was due a red card – which he duly got – and then kicked a huge hole in the Anfield dressing room door. Nice one.

Pescara were so far ahead of everyone else. They may be the only team in Buckets to have Juan Mata. This week’s player of the week scored a hefty 17 points – Pescara had him as captain. A good move. Mata’s popularity amongst fantasy teams will probably increase in the next week. Only 5% of teams had him prior to the weekend. That should rise. He has risen into the top 10 scoring midfielders, and only David Silva has assisted more goals than him. Another form player (from the Premiership’s form team) utilised by Pescara was Emmanuel Adebayor. It’s four goals and six bonus points in two games for the Spurs striker. Adebayor’s value has risen steadily since the season start from 8 to 8.7 million. Get him in quick. In place of Van Persie?

  • Player of the week – Juan Mata. The new Silva.
  • Bargain of the week – Russell Martin. He’ll score 1 point again next week.
  • Donkey of the week – David Wheater. Two time donkey.

Goal o’t weekend

Rueben Rochina consolation for Blackburn against Stoke. From 2m40s




RIP Gary Speed

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