Gameweek 12 preview

November 17, 2011

After a pointless, pesky international break, the next three months may go a long way to deciding this season’s Buckets League champions. We now have an uninterupted run of nine gameweeks through to the 3rd round of the FA Cup. We have three more gameweeks in November to decide the manager of the month. December has six game weeks. Between the 17th and 31st of December most Premiership teams will play four times. Second guessing Premiership line-ups is hard enough in a three week gameweek. December is proper silly season. The last gameweek in this run stretches into January, and includes the rescheduled Spurs v Everton game that was cancelled in the first week due to the riots. So we have our first double team week. Wildcard time. Providing, of course, the weather doesn’t call it off. There may be postponements. Last year’s Siberian temperatures cancelled many matches. Doesn’t matter how big the game is, if the pitch is frozen and the roads impassable – April fixture mount up is inevitable. Which I like.

So back to this week, and the predicament remains – are Man Utd going to start scoring again? I’ve been toying with kicking out Rooney for Van Persie for three weeks now. But every week I think, “Nah – this is their week.” Like this week. Although give Swansea credit – at home they seem a tough nut to crack. I’m still undecided. The annoying thing is that when I first had the idea there was only a 0.2 million price gap between the two players – that has extended to a 0.6 million gap. I’d have to transfer a second player in, and it doesn’t leave me with much scope. I might have to bring in a Wigan defender. That’s suicidal. I’ll stick with Rooney. No doubt they’ll limp to an unconvincing 1-0 victory. The bastards.

There’s a big four game this weekend. No, it’s not the battle of the racists, as Chelsea take on Liverpool. It’s City against Newcastle. Surely this is the end? Could be lots of goals in both games.

There are some clean sheet possibilities this week. Not necessarily from any of the big teams (other than Man U), as has become a theme this season – but more than likely at Everton, Stoke and Sunderland, who play Wolves, QPR and Fulham, respectively, at home. The away teams look suspect in defence, and away from their home patch, a bit toothless up front.

Panza Grande and Release the Hounds were building up quite a substantial lead in the Buckets League up until last weekend. They were pegged back a little by the teams in 3rd and 4th place (me and none of the above). Romeo’s Honda Van and Overpaid Pillocks have been making steady ground over the last few weeks. TheBellsAreRinging, Uriah Rennie and Mustard Strike have been in and around the top 10 since the off. TBAR are the only team to have won two manager of the week prizes. Rip Roaring Reds made a shocking start, but took the last Manager of the Month prize by a huge margin, and now find themselves in with a shout (Gooner loyalty). Whereas Crazylegs led from the off last season, and lost the lead for one night during the whole campaign, this season is much more competitive and closely fought. Must be something to do with the money.

A 100 point gap is easily pegged back in a couple of weeks, with the right amount of luck, judgement and captain picking. Those as far down as 15th have every chance of climbing towards the summit over these next nine weeks. Even Buckets’ own Avram Grant-like-bottom- of-the-league-almost-always-perennial-struggler, Erectile Fullfunction, is bothering the top 10. They need to sort out their non-playing subs bench if they want to get back in with a chance of Europe.

We have a massive mid table. Check the teams in the 400 point bracket. Scoring OK one week -ballsing it up the next. All consistently inconsistent. Maybe making too many changes. Or not enough. It’s vital for them through this nine week run to stay in touch with the top 15. Shadwell and Can’t Think of a Name are buggered. It’s Buckets Conference football for them next season.



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