5 minutes in…

August 13, 2011

Suarez has missed a penalty

QPR goal disallowed

Kieron Dyer (probably) already out for the season


One Response to “5 minutes in…”

  1. Dear Mr Fantasybuckets,

    Thank you for your most welcoming Season’s Greetings. Your informative season preview has proved most helpful and without it I rather doubt that I would have managed to incorporate Messrs Geronimo of Arsenhole and Mr Cuthbert Hill of the QPRangers into my first team of the season. How marvellously useful it has all proved.

    I have recently noticed that Curiously Angry Thug Joey Barton has started up one of these new-fangled Titter accounts on the social media network site known as the Witter. Do you think that we Buckets members could perhaps be treated to a fantasybuckets ‘Barton tweet of the week’? I think it would absolutely wonderful if we could.

    Many Thanks

    Yours sincerely

    Mr Tommy Tubstickle MA (Oxon)

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