Season start

August 4, 2011

Hello managers

Welcome to season 4 of the Buckets Fantasy Premier League. This season there have been some changes to our league.

Firstly – the money. At the moment, about 10 or so people have paid the £20 entry fee. I’m expecting another 15 or so. A couple of people have dropped out. So we may not have the 30 people of the last two seasons, but we will have a hefty prize fund. As I write, that hasn’t been decided. But it will be. Soon. There’s a grand prize for the winner. Probably smaller prizes for 2nd, 3rd and maybe 4th. A knockout cup competition will be held in the second half of the season. The dates haven’t been decided yet. But they will be. Probably not that soon. And there will be smaller manager of the month prizes. So there’s no excuse for slacking. There’s dollar to be won, pretty much every 4 weeks.

Secondly – this blog. Check all weekly updates on here, complete with the usual attempts at humour.  Occassionally, I’ll write other pointless, pithy things. Like this.

There are links to other pages on the site. Click “Prize fund” to get a full rundown of the prizes.  And who’s winning what. Click “Role of Honour” for full rundown of weekly and monthly winners. We’ll list players, bargains and donkeys of the week. Maybe even post the winning teams from each week.

At the bottom of the page you can link to other sites that have all you need to play fantasy league. A link to the main site. They’ve redesigned the site, but it’s still piss easy to navigate. Make your transfers and check team and player stats. And there’s a full list of the rules there too. Remember your second wild card, and your transfer carry over. There’s a new captain and vice captain rule this year. Give it a read.

I’ve got links to sites listing banned players, crocked players, form players and set piece specialists. There’s also a link to the fixture list.

And, if you’ve got way too much time on your hands, there are links to two more games. A prediction league – and the Torygraph Fantasy League. Float your mouse over the links to get the entry codes.

First post done.

I think you’re meant to  be able to comment. Please do. Anything you want. The reason behind the blog is to try and make it more interesting and more competetive and to try and keep people involved to the end of the season. And, to see someone win a fairly nice wodge of cash.

Pay up.


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